Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life Is Like Painting...

Every time we move into a new house there is always at least one room that has to be painted. I always get excited thinking about all the different colors I want to try and have fun choosing the perfect color. Then about 10 minutes into the act of actually painting, the same thought always crosses my mind. "Painting is one of those things that sounds like it's going to be fun... but it's not." Taping off, cutting in and painting coat after coat to get the perfect color is well... a pain in the ass.
Over the past 5 years I've experienced alot of these "things" that in thought are very exciting and fun, but when actually doing the anticipated action turns out to be not quite as fun. For example, when I got engaged I was so excited to plan my wedding. Most girls dream of what kind of wedding they are going to have for years before it actually happens. Then when the time comes.... yep, pain in the ass. Being able to plan every single detail to just your taste is an exciting thought. And then the time comes when you are actually planning the wedding. Almost every bride I've known has become so overwhelmed with all the decisions to be made and all the money to be spent, that about a month before the wedding they are ready to elope. The end result is beautiful, but the journey getting there can be stressful and sometimes painful.
Buying a house is exciting right? Even more exciting, selling a house and buying at the same time! That's right.... having to keep your house spotless every second of everyday just in case the phone rings and someone wants to come have a look at it is well... a pain in the ass! Having to get up at 7am on a Saturday morning and leave your house for 4 hours while strangers have a look at it... sucks. Hearing that this house that you actually thought was quite nice is well... not. And you got up early on your day off to hear that! And then when that person comes along that loves your house and wants to buy it today, you're left scrambling to find a place that you love and is available for the end of the month. Again the end result is good.. but the journey getting there is not so fun.
I guess in the end this is life. Everyday we are on a journey. Most of the time it's a struggle getting to wherever it is we are going, but in the end it's beautiful. We just have to remember this along the way.