Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kids Are Funny

So yesterday my husband and I decided to go for a hike in Peterson Creek Park. At the bottom of the trails there is a sign with maps showing all the directions you can hike. We arrived at the sign a few seconds behind a woman and her two children. Now I don't know much about children so I'm going to guess when I say the boy looked about 5 years old and the girl looked about 7. The three of them were studying the sign and the woman turned to her little boy and said "Do you know where you are?"
The little boy looked at the map and said "No... where?"
The mom then pointed to the part of the map that says YOU ARE HERE and told her little boy "This is where you are."
The little boy took a second and looked the sign over before saying... "Well where are you?"
The 3 of us adults laughed and the woman replied "I'm in the same spot as you are."
The little boy's eyes widened and then said with utter amazement "Weeeird!"

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  1. Love the story,,,ya kids can say the best things !!!