Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I spent the first 10 months of my life living on the street. A product of one time carelessness. Roaming aimlessly, picking through garbage bags for food, day and night, left alone to find shelter. Starving not just from lack of food, but from loneliness. No one to hold me.
I had nowhere I had to be. Nothing I was supposed to be doing. You might think a life with no rules is glamorous. Free to do as you please with no one to answer to. But along with that comes emptiness. It's hard knowing that you were born a mistake. Knowing that although your parents are desirable separately, when mixed together it creates a joke. I may not be brand new and I may not have been born with the most beautiful traits, but I have alot of love to give. Won't someone take a chance on me?

There are many advantages of adopting an animal from a shelter or rescue group. Please remember this option when you are searching to add a furry friend to your family. There are all ages and sizes available, and many have been placed there because of impossible situations, not because of any fault of their own. Just because you go to a "breeder" does not mean you are getting a better dog. Please do your research and explore all your options available. And in the words of Bob Barker "Help control the pet population, have your pets spayed or neutered!"

This is Linden. He is my Beagle German Shepherd X and the inspiration behind this post.

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  1. This post breaks my heart. I can't go to the SPCA without leaving with an animal. Fact.