Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Am Canadian!Eh

When I first heard Vancouver was going to host the 2010 Olympic Winter games I knew it was going to cause alot of problems. I knew there would be protests and I knew it was going to cost ALOT of money. Even knowing this I was still shocked when I heard of all the cuts our government was making. It is nothing short of devastating to see how it has affected so many important organizations that really need that funding to survive. Seeing this angered me and I was never able to fully support the Olympics because of it. I actually didn't even plan on watching any of the events after all the negative decisions our government was making. Two weeks ago when the games started I turned on my TV and tried to find something to watch. I really had no choice... the Olympics were on almost every single channel I turned to and it was either I watch the weather channel for two weeks straight, or I took a look at what billions of dollars can buy you these days.
It's been two weeks since I reluctantly began to watch these festivities that cost our country so much more than money. Although I can't say that I fully support the Olympics coming to Vancouver, I can say that it has taught me a few things. First of all... who knew that Canada had so many good looking athletes? Actually, it's not just Canada. There were alot of good looking athletes from all over the world that I was surprised to see! And I can honestly say I now understand why people find accents so sexy. Another thing I learned is that there is alot more to curling than just throwing rocks down the ice. What I thought was the most boring event of the Olympics has now become one of my favorites. I found a new appreciation for each sport I watched. I learned there really is more to winning. It's not always about placing first, second or third. Although I have to say, getting the most gold medals in Olympic history sure does feel good! The best thing I believe that came out of these Olympics was the Canadian pride I saw everywhere I turned. We really do live in a beautiful Country and it really is something to be proud of! I don't think there is anywhere else I'd rather be. There is no replacing our Rocky Mountains, our lush green forest and our abundance of beautiful lakes. Our wildlife and scenery is really something amazing. It's our outdoor living that helps make us who we are. I don't know if this awakened Canadian spirit was worth the billions of dollars it cost to evoke, but what I do know is that there are probably alot of people out in the world thinking about how interesting and beautiful our Country really is. People are seeing beyond the canoes, beavers and igloos and they are no longer just jokes. I hope that just because the Olympics are over, our Canadian pride doesn't fade away. I am very proud of our athletes and the records we set over the past two weeks. I am even more proud to say that I am Canadian.

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