Monday, January 25, 2010

Dating VS Marriage

Lately I've really been reminded of how things change once you are married, as opposed to when you are dating someone and they are trying to win you over. While walking through the mall with my husband I saw a couple and the man was giving his woman a BIG warm hug. The kind of hug where you are wrapped in his bear arms and he is kissing your forehead and you feel nothing but love as he tries to console you because you're having a rough day at work. I turned to my husband and asked him "How come you never hold me like that anymore?" his reply... "I do." I stopped and thought about it... "hardly EVER! and I get no PDA anymore.. what gives?" he looks at me "we're married now."
Date night. My husband tells me he wants to take me out for a nice dinner. I'm sure you will be able to spot the differences here. About an hour before I'm ready to leave, I get rushed out the door without even a chance to straighten my hair. He's hungry and I don't need to get dolled up because we're married and he loves me and thinks I'm beautiful as is. (Sweet to say... but i'm sure this is said just to justify rushing me out the door.) We get to the restaurant which I will admit is definitely not cheap. While looking over the menu I notice a very tasty sounding luxury cocktail I'd like to try. MY husband looks at the menu and says... "I see there's no price, you can have one.. but just one." I laugh almost hysterically. I know he is half joking and half serious. "Mr. If this were our first date you wouldn't have came home with me."
A few other things that have changed.... #1 our sex lives. When it's not readily available (when you are single) you want it all the freakin time. When you are newly dating someone you spend 12 hrs a day rolling around in the sac. When you are married... it's always available and therefore you don't want it. It will be there tomorrow. So... being tired, having to work in the a.m. and wanting to watch your favourite t.v. shows are all more important than getting laid. You expect to just get some later... but them something else comes up.
#2 Farting, burping and pooping are no longer things to be embarrased of. In fact... sometimes you go into detail as to what is going on with your tummy and what's coming out of your a**.

Despite all this... the one thing that changes for the better when you are married is this. You have someone who is always there to be by your side when you need them the most. Someone who is constantly supporting anything you want to do. Someone who loves you NO MATTER WHAT. Someone who fulfills your every need. A best friend. A lover. And sometimes a shrink. Someone who you share a bond with like no other. Someone who will always answer your texts. Will never blow you off. Everything you could ever want in a person all wrapped into one that vowed to be by your side for the rest of your life.


  1. Thanks for a realistic look into marriage, it's funny and also honest and heartfelt. Good on you for showing the ups and downs. Your marriage is amazing, congratulations.

    I talk about my farts with guys now. This could be why I'm still single.

  2. A very true look at married life (I am taking it from you as I myself have never taken the plunge!)

    I especially like the part about sharing ones bodily functions a important aspect of anyones life!