Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Rich Get Richer...

I just have to take a moment to say... what the heck is wrong with this world??? There are so many people in this world suffering from hunger, disease and homelessness.... and then there's people (Conan O'Brien) getting paid 32 MILLION dollars to NOT WORK FOR 8 MONTHS!!! Am i the only one who thinks this is absurd??
First of all... that is more than enough to live off of for half a dozen lifetimes... second of all that's what he's getting paid to NOT WORK. And finally, there are countless "stars" who get paid even more than that, often in just one year. So here's the thing... if every one of those "stars" parted with even a 1/4 of what they make in the year... we could probably solve world hunger and homelessness in just a few years. So why don't they? Quit throwing money in the toilet and start spending it on what matters!
The rich are only getting richer....

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