Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For The Love of Mexico

Every time I plan a vacation to Mexico I get the same reaction from my parents and many other people that I know, "Can't you pick somewhere safer?" I find this funny because not too long ago I went to a hockey game in Vancouver and the entire two weeks before I would wake up to the news of a shooting that had killed someone or sent an innocent person to the hospital. Despite this news on my way to the hockey game not once was I warned to be safe from the various people who thought my vacation destination was a poor choice.
I have been to Cancun three times now and I have never felt anything but safe each time I was there. The first time I went my husband and I actually got lost in downtown Cancun. We were wandering the streets among the locales for about 45 minutes not knowing which direction lead where when a nice Mexican man offered to lead us back to a place where we could catch a bus back to the hotel zone. I believe he took the scenic route for us as he could tell we were interested in seeing the real city, not just what most tourists come for. He took us past various places and explained what they were and also took the time to point out the various fruit trees we were passing. When we arrived home after that first trip and told our family about this highlight of our trip we heard the same reaction from them all, "You're lucky he didn't rob you or kill you!."
There are so many people that listen to the news like it's the bible and speak confidently on the topics that are reported. The news does not make you an expert. I find it difficult to stay quiet when hearing someone speak so confidently about a place they know nothing about. I laugh when they say Cancun is dangerous because the recent violence against tourists in Mexico took place on the other side of the Country! It's not that I feel invisible to danger, but honestly, telling me to be careful in Cancun because of the violence in Mazatlan or Acapulco is like telling me not to go to Montreal because of the violence in Vancouver.
I appreciate people's concern for my safety but unfortunately there is danger all around us. I find it sad that so many people will miss out on seeing beautiful places because the evening news decides to focus so much on the negative that happens there. I guess a part of me should be thankful as due to all the bad press I got a fantastic vacation deal!! There aren't many vacation destinations that are affordable, let alone cheap AND beautiful. Mexico is a gem that I love and will continue to visit many more times. All I really want to say is if you get the chance... GO! There are so many things to see and do and you will not be disappointed!

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