Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Line

In relationships there are certain lines that you just don't cross. I think in every relationship these lines vary based on the two people involved. For example, for one couple it might be OK to know that their partner is frequenting the peelers while for another couple this might be a line that you just don't cross. Or maybe the line is that you can look at the peelers but just don't touch. Certain people may find simple flirting harmless as long as it isn't followed up with an exchange of phone numbers. There are also a few out there that might believe it's not OK to have any sort of contact with the opposite sex... at all.
I believe the problems in relationships arise when two people get together and aren't clear about what those lines are. You cannot control how other people will behave around your partner. If you are with someone who feels completely different about what is acceptable than you do, arguments will occur. I also believe there is a general line that for the most part people agree is the point in which you DO NOT CROSS. Then there are varying opinions which are more extreme and some might consider just crazy. So what is that line in which we most agree on? Well I think it's the familiar saying, "you can look just don't touch".

It funny being a married person, it seems when you get hit on it means a little bit more than when you were single. Maybe it's because you have been out of the game for so long... or maybe it's just that we all have a need to feel desired and wearing a ring on your finger tends to deter compliments from coming your way. OR maybe it's because when you do get hit on and you know that person has seen the ring on your finger and decides to hit on you anyway, they must really think you're hot! I don't think there's any reason someone should feel guilty about enjoying attention from the other sex when you're married. As long as it's not provoked and as long as it doesn't lead to anything more I don't believe your partner should be angry.

I believe the keys to a successful partnership are communication, honesty and trust. We are all human and we all have a need to feel good about ourselves. Sometimes this comes from the opposite sex. You can't control the actions of other people around your partner, but you can feel confident in how your partner will respond. Besides, is there anything sexier than knowing you're with someone who many other people would want to be with?

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