Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Second Trimester

I've never really been a big eater throughout the day. I was the girl in the office that could power through the day with eating only a muffin. Well that all changed in the second trimester. The amount of food I could eat really was incredible. My co-workers would laugh at the sight of me eating my lunch at 9:30 in the morning and then running out for a full foot long sub at lunch. This is when my cravings really kicked in as well. I didn't crave anything weird, it started off with teen burgers.... I'd often grab two right after work and then go home and make dinner. You'd think that would fill a girl up but no, sometimes after eating two helpings of dinner I would still be woken up in the middle of the night with hunger pains! My cravings then switched to pizza, my poor husband had pizza two to three times a week for about a month. Luckily after that phase I started to crave subway. Veggie subs with 1 strip of bacon, 5 days a week for at least two months. I also had a fried potato phase. French fries, hash browns or fried mashed potatoes covered my plate for dinner. I didn't want anything else to go with it. You would think I should have gained 50lbs this trimester but thankfully I did not. To date I have gained about 35lbs with 5 weeks left to go.
For the most part I felt really good in the second trimester. It really was all about eating. I was still sensitive to the sun but nothing like how it was in the first trimester. I managed to have a great Summer camping and taking road trips. Perhaps the best surprise so far was that my lactose intolerance had almost vanished completely. I could eat cheese, a lot of cheese, with no side effects. I also indulged in cream based meals and ice cream and cheesecake from time to time.
Seeing our little one at our 20 week ultrasound was really truly amazing. This is when it finally sunk in that there was a baby in me and it was growing and healthy. We got to watch it punch and kick back at the ultrasound tech and the pictures we got were very clear. Deciding not to find out the gender was hard at the time but I'm glad it's going to be a surprise. This could very well be our only child and I want the full experience. I began to feel movement around 21 weeks and can honestly say it is THE BEST feeling in the world. I was a little hesitant when I first got pregnant thinking the movement might weird me out but it really is just an amazing feeling.
The following pictures are of me and our little babe at 20 weeks:

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